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Welcome to the AMF Steel Buildings Ultimate Metal Building Kit Buyers guide. On this page, we will share with you some of the most common metal building kit buyer questions, design options and purchasing tips. Don’t forget you can always call us at 1 800-204-7199 at any time. Also, you can fill out or simple metal building kit price quote to get a FREE no obligation metal building kit quote.

Metal Building Kit Planning

When you decide to buy a new metal building kit, that’s when the fun starts! You get to plan out the floor plans, size and even pick from a variety of metal colors for the trim, walls and roof metal.

Some of our most popular metal building kit sizes include:

  • 24×24
  • 30×50
  • 40×60
  • 60×80
  • 80×150
  • 100×150
  • 100×300

Of course your building size will be unique to you, although it’s important to think about any future growth needs.

Do you plan to buy a boat on day? Well you may need a spot for it in your new metal garage kit package.

Do you want to build a metal cabin? Of course we can provide you with a metal home kit, yet how much space do you need? Maybe room for the kids, grand kids or maybe keep it tiny house small for you!

So you might be saying, “Hey what happen to the fun of planning my steel kit?” don’t worry, planning your new steel building kit is a lot of fun, it’s just important to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Metal Building Kits Styles

So almost every metal kit we sell could be categorized as a “multi-use steel building kit” although people request them for a variety of uses.

For an example, if you wanted a 30x50x10 multi-use steel building kit, that same building may be used for a metal pole barn kit or metal garage kit. But wait, that same 30×50 building could also be used for an rv storage, metal home kit or even a workshop.

The point we’re trying to make is many common building sizes that are considered multi use steel buildings, are actually used for over 100 different uses! From dog kennels and gyms to medical marijuana facilities and airplane hangars. We have seen so many uses, what will you use your new metal building kit for?

Top 10 Metal Building Kits

We love sharing our metal building kit uses with the world So here is our top 10 Metal Kits:

  1. Workshops
  2. Garages
  3. Pole Barns
  4. Metal Homes
  5. Agricultural
  6. Airplane Hangars
  7. Mini Storage Units
  8. RV Storage
  9. Commercial Buildings
  10. Equestrian
Residential Metal Buildings

Residential Buildings

We can provide you with a variety of residential steel building structures for residential use.

Farm & Ranch Buildings

No matter if you operate a ranch or live on a farm, we can provide you with a complete agricultural steel building solution.

Buy Indoor Riding Arenas
Commercial Structures

Commercial Buildings

Shelter your employees, customers, and products with a customer commercial steel building.

To answer the common question of “How much is a metal building kit?” we have to look at a variety of scenarios. A typical metal building kit can cost by the square foot or sq ft. In this example we will use the figure of $xyz to demonstrate prices to make it easy as each metal building company and suppliers may have different steel costs.

Some steel companies may charge you a simple sq ft price of say $xyz price for the steel bldg kit by itself, and then if you want it installed by professional erectors, the price is $xyz.

So in this scenario you can decide the floor plan and size by cost. You can purchase a prefab steel building based on your need and budget.

Another steel building company many charge you individually because of the options you desire. So let’s say the a steel building price is $20,000 for a specific size as the base price with no additional options. Yet you want to have complete metal building insulation, 10 windows, 2 people doors and eaves. Well now your metal building kits would be your base price of $20,000 + metal kit options = price of your building, of course minus any taxes or shipping costs if required.

So as you can see there is not really a fixed metal building kit price. You can get a good ballpark figure, then start thinking about your future needs and desires.

One key point to remember is that even though your metal kit package can be bought individually, you must also consider any costs associated with the construction of your steel framed structure.

These can include:

  1. Any building permits
  2. Concrete piers for your steel beams
  3. Any dirt work or leveling
  4. Labor costs
  5. Shipping and transportation
  6. Taxes and handling

Of course this may not be applicable to your situation. In fact you may simply be purchasing components like the steel beams, girts and purlins right now, and then later on buy the wall, roof and trim metal.

We are always here to help you plan, buy and install your new AMF Steel Metal Kit! Call our friendly steel building experts at 1 (800) 204-7199

We work with many steel building companies and metal kit suppliers to give you a variety of metal roof, metal trim and metal wall colors to choose from. We can even talk about different sheet metal gauges, although 26 gauge is the most common steel building sheet metal gauge. We can provide you with a color chart to let you pick the best color combinations for your metal building kit and construction project.

YES! At AMF Steel Buildings, we offer financing options for our steel buildings like metal garage kits, pole barns and even metal homes. Of course there are many factors in financing, so it’s best to call us to listen to your specific situation and look at our steel building financing offers to see if one is qualified for you. 1 (800) 204-7199

Of course every metal building supplier is different, yet our AMF Steel Building’s metal kits include the complete steel framed structure, fasteners, metal roof, metal walls, metal trim, any additional components and accessories that you add on in your purchase from us. We have many metal building colors to choose from for you to complete the perfect metal garage, pole barn, workshop or prefab steel building kit design.

We are centrally located outside Denver, Colorado so that we can ship our prefabricated steel buildings all across North America. Some of our most common states and locations that we ship to is of course Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah and North Dakota. Of course we ship everywhere, yet these are our most shipped to locations and where our professional contractors. install your prefab metal building kit.

When you are deciding on buying a steel kit or metal package, you may come across the versus syndrome. You know where you take that thing you want like say a Metal Pole barn vs Quonset Hut and start researching the differences. Then you decide that indeed a pole barn has many benefits over a Quonset hut. This can also happen with weld up type structures, arch style, light gauge and aluminium tube steel type buildings.

Don’t worry! This is normal. You work hard for your money and you want the best bang for your buck. So it’s common to compare different building types. You may even search for steel buildings vs wood framed buildings.

Again this is completely normal. Please let our steel building specialists answer your questions and help you make the most educated decision. Many times a steel building might be too much for your budget, space or overall project needs. Call us today at 1 (800) 204-7199

When you order a steel building kit from us at AMF Steel Buildings, our installation approach is simple. Once your new steel kit is delivered which we can ship to you nationwide, you can easily start seeing how the components are labeled. The red iron, beams, purlins and everything is ready to be installed on your already poured foundation or piers. You will see the fasteners, metal sheeting including the roof metal, wall metal and trim kits.

Once you have everything sorted out, it’s easy to start setting beams and the steel framed structure and steel system.

Once all of the red iron is assembled, you can easily start attaching your metal sheeting to the steel framing.

Once your metal building kit is full enclosed, you can start adding any interior options you have selected.

Of course windows and doors can take a little more time.

As one major tip, with some metal buildings kits, you have rolled ridge cap or or rolled ridge metal. If one side of your roof metal does not line up with the other side, you may find some difficulties getting the rolled ridge metal to line up properly. So if you have this time of roof design, make sure your roof sides line up pretty good!

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