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Do You Need A Steel Building For A Construction Project?

Need a Pole Barn Kit?

If you have horses, livestock, farm equipment, or storage needs, then our quality pole barn kits are perfect for your project needs. No matter if you call them pole buildings, post frame, or simply metal barns, don’t just build a barn, build it better with steel!

Our metal pole barn kits are perfect for:

  • Stables & Horse Barns
  • Farm Equipment Storage
  • Cattle & Livestock
  • Hay Storage
  • Pole Barn Homes
  • and more!

When you’re ready to get a Quality Metal Pole Barn at an affordable price, get a no obligation quote by clicking the button below.

Pole Barn Kits

Metal Pole Barns & Pole Building Kits For ANY Project!


Why Choose a Pole Barn Kit?

So back in the day, the word “pole barn” was an expression to describe the way a building was built. By using poles, a pole building could be customized to be a horse barn, cattle shed, or even a pole barn home.

Technology has changed and so have post frame buildings.

Todays post and pole construction can be built out of steel instead of wood. This ensures a quality design and a log lasting frame for years of use!

Steel or Wood Pole Barns

So once you have made the decision to purchase a new barn, what type of construction do you need?

The pros and cons of construction is mainly determined by your final results. Like if you have horse stalls in your barn, do you need extra height? Maybe not.

But if you ride horses inside of your barn, then there is a good chance you might need the extra riding height. So a steel barn kit would be a better option.

Pole barns built out of wood are typically cheaper and faster to install. Where a steel building typically needs a concrete footer system to begin installation.

What… Pole Barn Home Kits?

A new trend going around is the combination pole barn home option.

Many people create barn home designs that have a regular metal building home on one side, and then a metal horse barn on the other side to create a seamless design.

This house option is great for country living where you are away more than your home. Or you just love the simple life and want everything under one roof. If this is you, then consider pole barn home kits today!

Pole Barn Package Cost

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but at AMF Steel Buildings, we focus on quality metal buildings for a fair and honest price. In fact many of our clients purchase bigger than expected buildings because our prices are so affordable and easy on the budget.

Get your new pole building up and running without expanding your budget! Contact our design team today to hear about more options and advantages our steel buildings offer.

Metal Building Kits


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