Metal Pole Barns

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Metal Pole Barns

When you build your livestock or horse barn out of steel, your choosing a long lasting structure that will see many years of use. Many people call post frame building “pole barns” because of the history of using poles for posts in the construction process. Today’s metal pole barns are engineered to withstand snow loads, wind speeds, and local building requirements and codes. While your researching pole barns, you will have a choice of construction: Wood Vs Metal So which option do you go with? Your ultimate design will help in the decision. Steel and metal pole barns give you the ability to build a large steel structure or building without the need of large wood trusses. This gives you the additional space for horseback riding, tractors, equipment, and even living quarters.

Benefits of Metal Pole Barns

Post frame pole barns built out of wood are… built out of wood which has its own cost benefits and failures. With a metal pole barn, you have the strength of steel and the quality that will last a lifetime. Also many housing covenants require fire ratings on new building construction, and in many situations, a steel building can meet and exceed these fire ratings. What about height? No worries! Without the wasted space of wood trusses, you can use the maximum height of your building. And guess what… You have have a metal pole barn built as a garage, metal barn, indoor riding arena, and even a pole barn home!

Pole Barn Kits

A new trend going around is the DIY Pole Barn Kit and Packages. Many people enjoy the cost savings and excitement of erecting their own steel structure. We can help you design, plan, and prepare for your new building. Then we have your new pole barn delivered nationwide and coast to coast including Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Oklahoma, and even Alaska! Don’t have time for DIY? We can help you along the process including providing you with contractor services in the event you want a turn key building.

Pole Barn Prices

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but at AMF Steel Buildings, we focus on quality metal buildings for a fair and honest price. In fact many of our clients purchase bigger than expected buildings because our prices are so affordable and easy on the budget. Get your new pole barn or metal building up and running without expanding your budget! Contact our design team today to hear about more options and advantages our steel buildings offer.
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