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Do You Need A Steel Building Home Kit?

Steel Home Kits For Sale

Move over tiny houses! Large and Spacious Steel Building Homes are awesome! Our prefab steel home kits and engineered metal house packages are perfect for the DIY person or the professional contractor and builder!

Our Steel Home Kits are perfect for:

  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Rustic Country Homes
  • Bed and Breakfast’s
  • Work Retreats
  • Hunting Cabins
  • and more!

When you’re ready to get a Quality Steel Building Home Kit at an affordable price, get a no obligation quote by clicking the button below.

Steel Home Kits

DIY Steel Building House Kits For ANY Project!


Why Choose a Steel Home Kit?

Often you will see new home signs everywhere and cookie cutter communities. Even now little homes are a big deal. But for some of us, you want space, and lots of it!

When you choose a steel home kit from us at AMF Steel, we provide you with options, and plenty of them!

Our homes are engineered to last and if you like large, open living spaces, a steel building home can be the perfect option for you.

Along with our prefab steel home kits, you can include the turnkey option to have our professional contractors and builders help you with the erection and installation of your new home.

But of course you may be a construction expert yourself and decide to do everything, or maybe just the interior walls. No matter your help needs, we are excited to help you along your journey!

Steel or Stick Frame Homes?

So once you have decided that a DIY home kit is right for you, do you go with steel or wood construction, or both?

Well we believe sometimes both is the best option!

With standard home construction, you see typical stick frame homes. 2×4 and 2×6 lumber walls, wood trusses, and osb sheeting.

This is a great construction method. But with steel you get a lot of open space. Unless you have a scissor wood truss, the longer the truss you go, the higher the truss become in the center to take into account the roof pitch.

A steel building home on the other hand still has a roof pitch of course, but because of technology and engineering, you have a lot less truss width and height compared to traditional wood.

Now of course a lot of this depends on your room sizes and space requirements.

Also we always recommend that you contact your local building department to ask about construction codes for your area including wind speed and snow loads.

What many of our customers do is build the shell out of steel, then build interior walls out of lumber! Alternatively you could use metal studs, but unless your creating a retail or commercial store, wood works just fine and is typically less expensive!

What… Combo Steel Home Kits?

A new trend going around is the combination steel home option.

Many people create combo home designs that have a regular metal building home on one side, and then say a horse barn, aircraft hangar, or garage on the other side to create a seamless design.

This house option is great for country living where you are away more than your home. Or you just love the simple life and want everything under one roof. If this is you, then consider combo home kit today!

Steel Home Package Cost

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but at AMF Steel Buildings, we focus on quality metal buildings for a fair and honest price. In fact many of our clients purchase bigger than expected steel building home kits because our prices are so affordable and easy on the budget.

Call today to get your new home kit without expanding your budget! Contact our design team today to hear about more options and advantages our steel buildings offer.

Metal Building Home Kits

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