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Do You Need A Steel Building For A Construction Project?

Hello from the AMF Steel Building Staff!

We would like to ask for just one minute of your day, to introduce you to Amf Steel Buildings! We pride ourselves in being honest, ethical, and reliable!

In this quick, 1 minute introduction video, we will share with you some of our custom building pictures from previous construction projects, our promise to you, and our services.

Our goal is to be transparent with you and to share our passion of steel systems. From our constant research of new steel technologies & design options, to regional building codes and steel cost, we are dedicated to providing quality steel building construction & metal building kits nationwide! We can help you with your steel building designs, plans and builder needs so it doesn’t matter if you need a storage building or prefab metal kit, we stay on top of steel costs and pass the saving on to you through affordable steel building prices.


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Steel buildings vary in price because not all steel buildings are the same. You have different steel strengths, snow loads, wind speeds, size, options, erection costs, and manufacturing details that differ from steel building company to steel building company and can greatly alter the price of your building.

For an example:

  • A building with a low to no snow load requirement will typically cost a lot less than a building with say a 30 or 40 pound snow load.
  • A wider building will typically cost more due to the larger clear span range such as 150′ wide compared to 100′ wide.
  • The more options you add like windows, doors and building insulation of course will cost more than a basic building.
  • A 16 foot tall building will typically cost more than of course an 8 foot tall building.

At AMF Steel Buildings we focus on providing you with the highest quality steel structures at a Fair and Honest price. We watch steel costs and price increases to ensure affordable building estimates. Combined with factory direct pricing and nationwide delivery, buying from us is easy.

When you work with us, we will help you maximize your budget by looking at the best options based on your needs, wants, and engineering requirements. We then strive to help you design the perfect building for your project.

When you are planning your new construction project, it’s important to know the snow load and wind speed requirements for your building area. This can severely impact the price of your building. Typically your local building department, zoning, or county can inform you on your engineering requirements. This is very important as you may get an initial steel building price or see a very cheap price online, yet the building will not pass building codes for your construction area.

You don’t want to find yourself paying an initial deposit just to find out that the building you saw online or got a quote for is not engineered for your area, then you have to pay more to engineer the building to pass code. This can result in you paying a little to a lot more.

When You Get A Quote Ask?:

  • What is the snow load for the building you are quoting me?
  • What is the wind speed for the building you are quoting me?
  • What is the roof pitch of the building you are quoting me?

These simple questions will save you a LOT of headaches. The last thing you want is your building falling in because it was not rated and engineered for your snow load. In the same regard you don’t want it blowing over with extreme wind conditions!

At AMF Steel Buildings we focus on this from the start! We always ask you these questions because we treat you like family!

Planning and designing your steel building can be fun, yet also frustrating if you forget to add that window above your workshop bench or that bigger roll up door to fit your fifth wheel camper. So one of the most common questions we get is ‘What steel building options should I consider?” Well it really depends on your current and future needs.

Some of our most popular steel building options include:

  • Steel Building Insulation
  • Windows
  • People Doors
  • Big enough roll up doors
  • Lean to’s
  • Height for future needs or say basketball court
  • Wainscoting
  • Cupolas
  • Soffit
  • Interior room needs
  • Concrete floors

Of course these are a few of the most common options that people inquire about. You may need something different, no worries! We are ready to listen to your pain points, needs and desires to create a steel building dream come true!

We build quality steel buildings from coast to coast! Our headquarters is located in beautiful Colorado which gives the advantage of central United States delivery options to save you money.

When you are a first time steel building buyer you may find yourself going to your favorite search engine and doing a Vs search! You know like us, AMF steel buildings vs (fill in the blank). We understand this and we encourage you to feel confident with your building purchase no matter who you buy from.

To be honest, our main goal is to educate you about steel buildings. So although we strive to earn your business through honesty and integrity, our main goal is for you to be an educated buyer so that you can have a positive experience no matter who you buy from!

We can provide you with quality turnkey construction services across North America and Alaska too! Just let us know when you get a no obligation quote from us if you would like to also get a quote on construction services.

Absolutely! In fact we have a lot of clients who are contractors themselves who erect our buildings because they are so affordable and are custom engineered for individual locations and jobs.

We also have many homeowner clients who erect their own buildings to save a lot of money!

Used Steel Buildings like you see in the classified ads are difficult to sell based on the integrity of the structure. We would never want to sell you a used metal building that could have structural damage that could result in injury or worse. So we choose to provide quality Brand New steel buildings right from the factory to your home or job site.

Nationwide Delivery and Construction Contractors

We can deliver our steel building kits Nationwide and provide contractor solutions for turnkey construction.

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