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Best Steel Buildings for any Project

We specialize in engineered prefabricated steel buildings for residential and commercial construction projects

No matter if you’re buying a DIY steel building kit from us or hiring us to provide you with a steel building contractor for a turnkey construction project, our Steel Buildings are available to be purchased today by calling us at 1-800-204-7199 or using our easy steel building pricing request form. 

Our steel building experts will help you plan, design, and buy a steel building that is engineered for your USA location including snow loads, wind speeds, and other building code requirements that you desire. We ship and erect structures nationwide, so once you place your steel building order, we will work hard to get your new steel framed structure manufactured and shipped as quickly as possible to your home or job site. 

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Steel Building Uses

Shops & Automotive Buildings

Workshops, garages, and hobby buildings can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. We listen to your needs and help you plan the perfect metal garage solution.

Indoor riding arenas
Equestrian Riding Arenas

Ride your horses all year long in a brand new steel indoor riding arena. Our most common equestrian arena sizes include 80x150x16 and 80x250x16. Train, ride, and show, year round.

RV Storage Buildings
Rv, Boat, 5th Wheel Storage

RV Storage Buildings

Protect your recreation vehicle, boat, ATV, UTV or other toy with a custom rv or boat storage building. We can include large roll up doors for even the biggest coach or 5th wheel.

Residential Steel Buildings
Steel Buildings For Home Use

Our residential steel buildings can be customized to meet your HOA and covenant needs for carports, sheds, and outbuildings. Just let us know your specifics.

Commercial Steel Buildings
Warehouses, Retail, Manufacturing

We provide commercial steel building solutions for warehouses, manufacturing, factories, retail, offices, aviation, medical, and more. We are just a phone call away.

Mini Storage Buildings
Self Storage

Ready to start or grow a mini storage business? We can supply you with a mini storage building kit, components, or provide a complete turnkey storage unit project.

Metal Pole Barns
Horse Barns

Move over wood and post frame buildings, metal pole barns are the new trend! We supply a wide variety of metal pole barn solutions for ranch, home, or work. Engineered to last!

Fire Station Building Construction
Volunteer & City Departments

We are proud to serve the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. We provide turnkey fire department building construction.

Metal building homes
Steel Homes

Tiny houses are so 2016, it’s time for the large and spacious steel building home era. Create the perfect barndominum, combo house, or custom cabin at an affordable price.

Top 10 Steel Buildings​

Top 10 Steel Buildings

Here our the top 10 steel buildings our clients purchase:

  1. Workshops
  2. Garages
  3. Pole Barns
  4. Metal Homes
  5. Agricultural
  6. Airplane Hangars
  7. Mini Storage Units
  8. RV Storage
  9. Commercial Buildings
  10. Equestrian

Construction Services

We sell metal building kits and we also erect our steel buildings. Our national steel building contractors are professionals in the steel industry. From leveling the job site and pouring the concrete foundation to erecting your steel building and interior options, we can supply you with a turnkey construction project.

Our steel building general contractors routinely oversee all types of projects like small residential steel buildings to multi million dollar commercial steel building projects. 

Call us today to talk to one of our steel building specialist – 1 (800) 204-7199

Steel Building Erection

Common Steel Building Questions

To answer the common question of “How much is a steel building?” we have to look at a variety of scenarios. A typical steel building can cost by the square foot “sq ft”. In this example we will use the figure of $xyz to demonstrate prices to make it easy as each steel building company and supplier may have different steel manufacturing costs.

Some steel companies may charge you a simple sq ft price of say $xyz price for the steel bldg by itself, and then if you want it installed by professional contractors, the price is $xyz.

So in this scenario you can decide the floor plan and size by cost. You can purchase a prefab steel building based on your need and budget.

Another steel building company many charge you individually because of the options you desire. So let’s say the a steel building price is $25,000 for a specific size as the base price with no additional options. Yet you want to have complete steel building insulation, 15 windows, 4 people doors and eaves. Well now your metal building kits would be your base price of $25,000 + steel building options = price of your building, of course you must add any taxes or shipping costs if required.

So as you can see there is not really a fixed steel building cost or price. You can get a good ballpark figure, then start thinking about your future needs and desires.

One key point to remember is that even though your prefab steel building can be bought individually, you must also consider any costs associated with the construction of your steel framed structure.

These can include:

  1. Any building permits
  2. Concrete piers for your steel beams
  3. Any dirt work or leveling
  4. Labor costs
  5. Shipping and transportation
  6. Taxes and handling

Of course this may not be applicable to your situation. In fact you may simply be purchasing components like the steel beams, girts and purlins right now, and then later on buy the wall, roof and trim metal.

We are always here to help you plan, buy and install your new AMF Steel Building! Call our friendly steel building experts at 1 (800) 204-7199

So you might be wondering, “How hard is a steel building to assemble? or how easy is a steel building to build?” Well it depends of course on your building experience. We pride ourselves in supplying prefabricated steel buildings or prefab steel buildings for short, to everyone from professional construction contractors to DIY individuals. Our prefab steel buildings have holes already drilled for the purloins, rafters, and red iron parts. Of course you may have to make custom steel cuts for windows or doors, and maybe an anchor or two in the concrete for doors, but typically our kits are pretty straight forward. 

Typically the foundation is the toughest part. Knowing how deep to create your footers, where to put the anchor bolts, and any rebar will be a headache for some. 

So if you need someone to erect your new steel building, we have professional steel building contractors that can erect and install your new prefab steel building.

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